Our Shopping Village

Here in Carss Park we pride ourselves in being a vibrant, dynamic and family oriented community shopping village. We are locals living and working amongst our local community. Our work ethics and family ethos have become the reason we are so united. We hope you enjoy the products and services we provide and we hope that you can support your Local community whenever you have the chance. The village shopping atmosphere is a central part of any strong community and we welcome you into our stores with open arms. Below is a list of our Local shops and their respected websites also. We thank you all for your loyalty and support and we understand that without your great compassion and support of us it would be hard for small business to thrive. Remember we are here to serve you and your family, and we hope to see you soon.




At The Chemist Shop we believe that we live by the blessings of The Lord first and foremost and the kindness and compassion of those we serve. Therefore we take so much joy, pride and happiness in giving when we can. There is so much more joy in giving and showing love to others, This not only helps strengthen community and builds character within ones self but is also rather very fulfilling and gratifying knowing that in life we have made a difference. Whether we donate to a local Christmas party or a worthy charitable organisation, giving is the window to happiness.

Below are some local organisations that we have supported and their respective websites where applicable. Where possible, raise your hand to help another it is an amazing and special experience. The love you show to others will never be forgotten and may even come to surprise you one day.