Australia has the best system of community pharmacy in the world. It is envied by other nations for the way it delivers medicines to the public in a convenient, affordable and equitable manner. Community pharmacists efficiently dispense subsidised medicines that heal the sick, improve quality of life for the chronically ill and – in many cases – save lives. Our pharmacists are medicine experts, providing professional advice and counselling on medications, including their use and effects, as well as general health care.

The History
The Chemist Shop Carss Park has been established since 1948 as far back as resources such as drug registers and surviving customers can remember, making it one of the oldest pharmacies in the St George area. The pharmacy has had several previous owners who have all added their little bit of history and impact to the store.

John had since purchased the pharmacy in 2006. With an immediate transformation and brand new fit out, brand new equipment and complete restock of products, the pharmacy immediately gathered growing interest and neighborhood support.

The pharmacy became a destination "before the need to see a doctor" and the service and advice the patients received exceeded their expectations. The pharmacy was transformed from being primarily gift ware oriented to pharmacy service based oriented. The bright inviting shop has become the extended facility for every family in the area to call home.


"The Chemist Shop is committed to providing our customers, who we view each and every one as extended family, first class health care in a compassionate and friendly environment. We ensure confidentiality and a broad product range all year round. We aim to use all our resources to provide you with cutting edge information and affordable 'value for money' health care."


About Our Pharmacy
Your community, your pharmacy, your pharmacist.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our community online pharmacy. The Chemist Shop Carss Park is situated in the entry of Carss Park at 16 Carwar Ave Carss Park NSW. We are an Australian owned and operated family pharmacy with age old pharmacy ethics and old fashioned pharmacy service and advice. We see ourselves as a medical clinic in the heart of our community. We strive to deliver every person in each family with individual and caring health care, love and attention. From the graze of a young child and attending to their wound to discussing complex issues such as diabetes, dementia and asthma care management.

We hope you enjoy the experience of engaging in this interesting and innovative site. We aim to empower you with information and have the honour of serving you in-store. We are proud of our reputation and blessed to serve you and your family. We are here to listen to your every need and respond in a manner which not only pleases you but rather exceeds your expectations. Your health and well-being is our focus, as a result we pledge to provide you with this exceptional service in a caring and friendly environment, ensuring your confidentiality and broad product range all year round.

So please click, browse, explore and enjoy.

Your friend John