"John and The Chemist has made an incredible difference in our every day life when he took over The Chemist Shop of 16 Carwar Ave, Carss Park. I do always find answers related to health for all family members. A smaller shop in size but full of variety and the best quality."

Natasha & Kostya Tszyu

"The residents of the Blakehurst/Carrs Park area are very lucky to have such a knowledgeable, caring chemist. I was visiting Sydney, and went into The Chemist Shop for some pain relief. John immediately spoke to us and asked me 3 questions, then made his recommendation based on my circumstances. He went to a great deal of detail about the cause, symptoms & treatment. I was very impressed, I haven't met a chemist who is so caring since I lived in rural NSW 30+ years ago."

Keith Burton

"I have lived in the area for over 10 years, and have always found my trip to the Chemist Shop a pleasant experience. John and his team always seem to go that extra mile. These days its hard to find good customer service. As a mother of 5, I am always in need of advice and John always has been extremely helpful and does it with a smile."

Danielle and Anthony, Blakehurst

"Every time I shop at The Chemist Shop at Carss Park I can't help thinking that they are the leader in an industry that has so much competition. The Chemist Shop is friendly, extremely helpful and the only place in Sydney that I have found that good old fashioned know how service and discounts that the others simply can't match!"

John Terilli, 2 Times Mr Universe
Australia's Professional Mr Universe

"Carss Park chemist has always been incredibly conveniently located for us but since John Bechaye took over the business it has become so much more. It's hard to say enough about the kind of service he gives his customers. Not only is he friendly, he takes a genuine interest and goes out of his way to help. There have been many occasions where I have needed some rather unusual items and John has always stepped up to the mark, ordering things in for me that may have to come from distributors he would not normally use or may require research to find the best place to obtain what I need. His unfailing service to the community is appreciated and respected by all. And no matter how bad you feel toddling off to buy your prescriptions for whatever ails you; John's cheerful welcome greeting always brings a smile to your face. Quite simply he is my favourite chemist and has become my friend."

Shannon Lush
Author, TV and radio presenter

"John Works Miracle… Better results than 4 professors Nine months after my operation to remove a large breast cancer lump, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, my wound still had not healed. I had numerous infections and several abscesses resulting in a 30mm chasm in the wound. I also had repeated visits to several specialist professors, doctors, courses of antibiotics and daily visits from community nurses for over a month.

But still no healing.

Then John started weekly treatments of the wound with his special mixture based on pawpaw cream and the improvement was immediate both inside and outside the wound. Within a month the wound has almost completely closed and has been infection-free.

I can't thank John enough for being able to achieve in a such short time what several professors could not in almost a year (and possibly longer if I had not gone to John). John has helped me on many occasions prior to this. He is always so patient, caring and sympathetic and always makes time to listen, treat and advise. Thank you John. You are truly the saviour of not oly my well-being but also my sanity. I will be forever grateful and in your debt."

Christine Raptis

"I can attest to your catch phrase - "Excellence in Pharmacy", and am extremely grateful that you are a key member of my health care team. In today's extremely fast-paced world It is very comforting to find a Pharmacist that takes the time to know every customer, their illnesses and medication regime; and takes the time to provide "Excellence in Pharmacy" personal service."

Kevin Clark, Blakehurst

"My husband and I have been working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for over twenty (20) years.

At the beginning of the year I unfortunately found myself unwell and went to 'my local' pharmacy, The Chemist Stop at Carss Park even though at the time I was working at another chemist in the area.

The service, kindness and professionalism that I found at The Chemist Stop, Carss Park managed by Mr John Bechaye was second to none. A true gentleman, John Bechaye also organised a quick and efficient 'home delivery' service when I was too unwell to drive.

John's pharmacy is always impeccably clean, well stocked with all of the prescription, over the counter products and cosmetics that I require at the most competitive prices. I would urge anyone in the St George District (Blakehurst, Hurstville, Carlton, Kogarah Bay, Kyle Bay and even further), to take a trip to the beautiful shops at Carss Park whenever you need the services and advice of a Pharmacist (or for that 'last minute' present or gift for a friend).

I can assure you that you will never go to another Pharmacy again! Reading the St George Leader and Local Neighbourhood Watch Newsletters I have also noticed that John takes pride in 'giving back to the community' by supporting many local area initiatives. My family and I now consider John a very special friend, who has gone out of his way to help us with our healthcare.

We will not go to any other pharmacy now that we have met John and the fabulous team at The Chemist Stop, Carss Park. Well Done!"


"It was good fortune for the residents of Carss Park and our neighbours when John Bechaye became our local pharmacist. John provides the most comprehensive, compassionate and friendly service to all the customers who walk through his door. He always has stock on hand or on rare occasions makes sure he gets it in a day or two and offers free advice. He is genuinely concerned about the community's pharmaceutical needs and medical concerns and is happy to encourage customer to see their medical practitioner when it is necessary."

Rhonda Mangan

"Since the day that John and the pharmacy "The Chemist Shop" came to Carss Park it has been a blessing. In my need of emergency advice and pharmaceutical advice John is always there to help. He knows every member of my family and it is a reassuring feeling that they all feel welcome and comfortable in asking John any questions about their condition at the time. John is absolutely fabulous in his customer service and follows up with his customers. It is a privilege to have such a caring and approachable pharmacist, which we could all call a friend."

Jovanka Ralevski, Kogarah Bay

"Since John took over the small pharmacy in Carss Park, Sydney NSW he has developed and enlarged the content of the business. He has made it a pleasure just to walk into his pharmacy. He not only dispenses medication, but also takes the time to educate his clients. He is very approachable and you can feel quite comfortable in seeking his advice. If he does not have a product in stock when a customer makes an enquiry, he will immediately obtain it for you. He shows a great responsibility for the welfare of his clients. John is friendly, a true professional and an outstanding pharmacist."

Kathryn Boyce, Carss Park

"I wish to commend to you John Bechaye Pharmacist of the Chemist Shop Carss Park. The village environment of Carss Park is very much an endearing quality and John is a major factor and driving force contributing to this atmosphere. John is unfailingly friendly and extremely helpful in his professional capacity as pharmacist. He makes an effort to get to know his customers both personally and professionally. He is always relied upon and his advice invaluable and always considered when dealing with different health issues. He gives an extra level of special service to his customers, above and beyond what people expect, whether it be a sweet for a child or serving a customer with a prescription in their car because they are too frail to leave the vehicle or a mother that has a crying kid in the car. I see and experience this first hand as I have coffee in the cafe next door and also work there most days and often see this everyday and admire the extra personal effort. He will go to great lengths to satisfy his customers. He also dedicates a lot of time to serve many people in the community in his capacity as a JP, which is a service he provides from the goodness of his heart. There is not a day that goes past without hearing from locals a compliment about John and his family like service and attention. John is truly an inspiring businessman and a compassionate professional pharmacist. He is very much loved and appreciated in this day and age when such courtesy, kindness and professionalism seems almost forgotten. I have no hesitation in recommending John for numerous awards and accolades, as there is no one more deserving and his success is attributed to his continual hard work and efforts to please the people that he serves (his customers) as a hard working quiet achiever."

Julie Gifford

"I have known John Bechaye the pharmacist and proprietor of The Chemist Shop in Carss Park since it was acquired in 2006. John has provided me and my family with professional, caring and exceptional pharmacy services over this period. John loves dealing with his customers and treats them more like his extended family. He is naturally gifted in listening to people's problems and treats them with compassion, kindness and respect and always offers the most appropriate medical advice. His knowledge of pharmaceuticals is nothing short of remarkable. John Bechaye deserves the recognition he has received as business owner and winner of the 2009 Most Outstanding Pharmacy."

Chris Tsolakis

"Being a business owner in the area I am well aware of the measures one has to go through to be a success in our community. Trust, honesty, knowledge, professionalism, understanding, sincerity & friendship are the secrets to his success, he gives all his customers special attention, nothing is ever a problem to him. John has been a major player for business growth in bringing new people to the Carss Park area, his enthusiasm & business skills are exceptional, he often runs special promotions and is not afraid to add new and exciting products to his shop which keeps the customers interested. He is an excellent team player when asked to participate in other shops promotions and community activities he does all he can to help. John has turned the pharmacy that was once quite run down and lifeless for many years into a destination where people actually go out of their way to come to. I would like to sum up by saying "good things happen to great people" John deserves a round of applause for a job well done and continued hard work."

Lynne McLeod

"I met John my local chemist when I first entered Carss Park Chemist just on 2 years ago when we moved into the area. My first impression of John was a very positive one. I was struck by the way he took extra time and care with every single one of his customers - myself (a newcomer) included. For this reason, Carss Park Chemist stood out from any other chemist I had encountered in my life. He made me feel so welcome and well looked after. From that first occasion, I felt at ease and right at home in John's shop. It was as though I had been going there for years. A chemist and the service provided to the community play such a vital part in our lives. The level of care, attention and friendliness I experienced on my first visit continues to this day every time I visit the Carss Park Chemist. John goes above and beyond the call of duty - it is difficult to find the right words. I know that his care for us is something we cherish. I know I can rely on John at any time if I am in doubt about any symptom, ailment or treatment. He provides an outstanding service to our community and he is justifiably highly respected by all. Perhaps many are looking for that 'special' quality in a Chemist - I can happily say I have found it. We are, indeed, blessed to have a person such as John who we can call on for advice, assistance, treatment and that rare commodity - a sympathetic ear - whenever we need. Many thanks and God bless you John."

Nicole Ryan