For your convenience The Chemist Shop provides free local pick up and delivery of all your medical supplies and needs. You may choose to call or log a delivery using our streamlined innovative delivery portal below. It is very fast and easy to use ensuring you add any comments you may want John to receive e.g. "change for 20 dollars please" and most importantly your best contact phone number, or even multiple phone numbers if you wish to be called on the mobile if your popping out for a little while. We will gladly deliver to your home or work, promptly and conveniently.


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With our fast paced busy lifestyles the prescription ready service is an invaluable tool to have the medications ready for you to swing through and pick up. You may log in a request at work or home or even through your iPhone or iPad or even send John an SMS. Fantastic convenience and service. No more queuing up or waiting around. Leave your prescriptions at the pharmacy in your individual private file and enjoy this fantastic service today!